Ships visiting Penzance get to rest in one of the world’s most beautiful Bays, sharing the seascape with the world renowned  ‘St Michaels Mount’.  The Ship will drop anchor in the bay, and a short scenic ride onto land, so that passengers can take in the Promenade, Jubilee Pool and the town’s historic scenery, before setting foot onto the land of the Pirates.

Penzance is steeped in History, as one of the oldest Market Towns in England. It boasts links with Nelson, the Bronte Sisters and Dylan Thomas. As well as, most importantly, ‘Sir Humphry Davy’, the man that invented the Miners lamp which went on to save Millions of Miners Lives world wide. Not to mention the wonderful Newlyn School of Art, and the fabulous creative streak that runs through the town and all of the Galleries.

Penzance warmly welcomes all of the Passengers, Officers and Crew. Whether you want to link up to mainland excursions, take charge of your own Penzance Journey or just relax in one of the fabulous cafes Penzance offers it all!

For further information contact;

Jess Golding

Tel: +44 (0)783 3289288