Admirals House

Legend has it that Admiral Nelsons body was brought to the house after Trafalgar, his brandy soaked body was taken into the dining room to unsuccessfully remove the shot. His body was returned to the brandy barrel to continue its journey to London and a heroes welcome. More Info

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Various antique shops, jewellers. Historic quarter famous for being the start point of many voyages of discovery. Mayflower Steps, located on the Barbican, commemorating the point where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for America in 1620. There is a full list of all those who made the journey in the Mayflower, on the side of 'Island House', located in Southside Street, the Barbican. More Info

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Crownhill Fort

Crownhill Fort was designed by Capt.E.F. Du Cane as the principal, and largest, fort of Plymouth's North-Eastern Defences, designed to defend the Royal Dockyard at Devonport from an attack by the French from the north of the city. More Info

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